IBA Alcohol Brief Intervention

As many as one in four adults in England drink at a level that could be harmful to their heath. Most will be suitable for IBA and not require anything further. IBA is a short intervention aimed at motivating at-risk drinkers to reduce their alcohol use. However those ‘Identified’ as possibly alcohol dependent should be offered referral to treatment services.

IBA as a short, effective behaviour change intervention is also commonly known as ‘brief intervention’. However use of the term ‘brief interventions’ tends to include the option of a more ‘extended’ brief intervention approach than IBA tends to infer. The research literature often refers to ‘Screening and Brief Interventions’ (SBI), or often in the U.S as ‘SBIRT’ (Screening and Brief Interventions and Referral to Treatment).

IBA is essentially the delivery of short simple brief advice following Identification (i.e screening) not usually lasting longer than 5-10 minutes. Extended ‘brief intervention’ approaches may last more like 20 minutes and integrate brief motivational interviewing techniques.

IBA however is most likely all that is required in most cases where an ‘at-risk’ drinker will be responsive. IBA is therefore the most simple, cost-effective approach to reducing risky but non dependent drinking at an individual level. IBA is straightforward and is easily learnt by general healthcare workers or other non-alcohol specialists.

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