Quit Smoking

If you’re thinking of giving up smoking, you are four times more likely to succeed if you use a stop smoking product and get advice and support.

We can offer a FREE NHS private consultation with a trained member of Pharmacy staff. They will discuss your cravings, talk to you about what you’ve tried before and what products might be best for you.  We can offer a structured programme with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or medications such as Champix® (Varenicline) when appropriate and when indicated.

We can help you quit smoking for good

As a health care professional, your Pharmacist and the team is ideally placed to help you through the quitting process from advice and tips on how to break the habit and also guidance on NRT products, such as gum, patches, the use of Electronic Cigarettes or other medications to help you when the urge just gets too much.

We can talk you through a quit plan in confidence and help advise you on the best method for success in quitting smoking. It’s never too late to see health benefits from quitting and we can outline the great advantages of giving up.

Advice from our Pharmacist and the team on quitting smoking is completely free and we will be happy to help in any way we can so that you can quit with confidence. Please visit us in-store or contact us for further details


NHS Go Smoke Free campaign.

The NHS Go Smoke Free campaign is a great source of information for quitting smoking. please see some of the links below for more information.

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